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Divine Grace Challenge – 130 Youth
130 Youth at the Divine Grace Ministry are ready to launch with their YES Challenge. Once we got the funding, they are ready to launch!
15 Young people launch their businesses in Level 2 – Chigumba Society
15 young people participated at Level 2 in Chigumba Society and all made profit. Read more here…
63 youth from Marikopo Secondary School try out in YES Challenge
63 youth from Marikopo Secondary Schools launch 12 profitable projects in 2 weeks. Check out the post to see the full result.
7 Youth Teams in Zimbabwe try out in Level 2 YES Challenge
7 Teams try out in a Level 2 YES Challenge in Zimbabwe. Here are the results…
YES Challenge pilot with 60 youth
3 Weeks YES Challenge pilot program in 2021. 20 teams participated and 18 ended up in profit. Read more here…
PART 2: 24 Youth Teams enter Youth-led Changemaking in Zimbabwe
This article covers week 4 to week 6 of the YES Challenge started in Zimbabwe and the results for the Level 2 participants.
24 Youth Teams enter Youth-led Changemaking in Zimbabwe
24 Teams enter a YES Challenge in Zimbabwe and generate 100s of USD in profit in less than 30 days…

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