15 Young people launch their businesses in Level 2 – Chigumba Society

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Number of Projects



Number of Projects

in profit


Number of People



Funds invested in total

as trust based investment


Trust based investment

returned by Youth





Profit generated in

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Listen to what the YES Challenge participants have to say...

The changemaking activity at Chigumba Society ran for 3 weeks starting on the 24/08/22 and ending on the 14/09/22. A total of 5 youth groups participated. The age of the youth was between 18 and 40. The total number of youths that participated was 15.

5 teams received a total of $50.00 each as a trust-based investment.  The rules of the changemaking activity were explained to each team and each team member and they also signed their registration on printed sign up forms which outlined the rules and expectations of the program.

As per the rule, each group had to return the received funds if they managed to make a profit. The groups were also expected to contribute a total of 25% of their weekly profit as a donation to the changemaking challenge program for other young people.

Outcome of the Youth-led Changemaking Activity

All teams managed to  return their trust-based investment amounting to $50.00 per team. The total amount of trust-based investment returned was $250.00. A group leader supported all groups in returning the funds. All teams made a profit in the youth-led changemaking activity and returned the trust-based investment.

The biggest achievement of the youth in the eyes of the facilitator is that...

This challenge brought more diversity in the types of businesses of the young people. One group of males changed from selling bread to brick molding and they are expanding their business now and serving the community with concrete bricks to build their houses.

What was the feedback of the youth regarding their experience in the youth-led changemaking activity?

The youth are so grateful for this challenge. It has taught them a lot of lessons, like bookkeeping, loyalty, trustworthiness, to fight theirs fear and above all to take account of all finances each day.

Any stories or feedback from the changemaking activity that inspired you?

As a facilitator, I was inspired by having to work as team and the way the youth supported each other. It was also nice to give the young people the room to test their ideas on some of the businesses. l found it inspiring and it gave me and them more courage to keep going. It was also rewarding to take time to sit with the young people and also give them time to do "The Work" to help them have a peaceful mind and do their businesses with clarity.

Below is a simple table showing the results from the groups against the funds received. The table also indicates the number of people served and the activities which were done by the groups.

Team Number Group leader Number of team members Funds received Revenue made Profit made No of people served Activity
1 Wilbert Kondo 3 $50.00 $195.00 $45.00 0 Molding Bricks
2 Tilda Gunda 3 $50.00 $173.00 $23.00 0 Selling food iterms
3 Sipambano Mazcana 3 $50.00 $185.00 $35.00 0 Fruits
4 Tsitsi Matamba 3 $50.00 $171.00 $21.00 0 Food iterms
5 Vimbai Mutaurwa 3 $50.00 $171.00 $21.00 0 Selling food iterms
6 15 $250.00 $895.00 $145.00 0

Impact of the YES Challenge and recommendations of the facilitator

Besides income generation, the changemaking challenge is creating a business minded generation with adaptation skills in difficult business environments. This group has been pro active because there was more support on mental health issues and the facilitator also made use of a group leader and supported her with other resources, while giving her duties to do printing and supporting other group leaders with writing of reports.

The recommendation of the facilitator would be to allow for a more speedy sign up process to launch the YES Challenge so that the motivated youth don't miss out on business between the Changemaking levels.

This YES Challenge was conducted by Moud Chinembiri.

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