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The YES Challenge at House of Deliverance in Zimbabwe ran for 14 days starting on the 14 February and ending on the 28 February 2022 with the award ceremony held on the 6th of March.

"There is this group that was embarrassed to go and sell at their school, but they received motivation from the same people whom they expected discouragement from.

They ended up being the heroes."

- Joice Dutuma -

YES Challenge Results in Numbers

Number of

Youth that participated


Number of

Projects started


Number of

customers served


Projects in



Funds invested

in total

0 $



0 $

A total of 10 youth groups participated. The age of the youth was between 13 and 37. The total number of youth that participated was 30.

Each group received a total of $15 as trust based investment. The rules of the changemaking activity were explained to each team and each member and they also signed their registration

offline on printed signup forms which outlined the rules and expectations of the program.

As per the rule, each group had to return the received funds if they managed to make a profit.

Above is Priscilla Dutuma, one of the group leaders selling boiled eggs in the streets. Her other team mates were selling Zapnax on the other side.Her team contains some of the most self driven people who also managed to make profit regardless of the situation.

Outcome of the YES Challenge

Seven teams managed to return the funds of the trust based investment they received as they managed to make a profit.

The remaining 3 teams also made a profit in the youth-led changemaking activity but broke the agreement and failed to return the trust based investment (hopefully by Sunday i would have collected some more funds).

What is the biggest achievement in your eyes?

Despite our Economic challange in Zimbabwe, the teams managed to overcome and implement their ideas. It’s a greatest achievement seeing the youths in action, being empowered, taking charge of their own lives and investing their time doing something fruitful.

To those who were fully committed i have witnessed growth in terms of spending and savings. Now the youth are able to balance the two. It was one of my worst fears that the youth will spend the trust based funds on luxury but I was wrong.

This program will surely eradicate poverty as we are impacting their future and nurturing it into the right direction. From my point of view this is our greatest achievement seeing in our youths, changing from better to best.

What was the feedback of the youth?

From the previous meeting we had with the youth, many youths were just eye opened as they got to know what is really happening in the business world. They were not aware of what was happening around them in terms of currency rates, challenges faced by business owners, small businesses to partake on but as they started this changemaking they got onboard. Some were heart broken as they experienced some loss but were comforted as they saw light at the end of the


Any stories that really inspired you or stood out for you?

There is this group that was embarrassed to go and sell at their school, but they received motivation from the same people whom they expected discouragement from. They ended up being the heroes. What inspired me most is that Yes they had peer pressure, they were not sure if they can do it but they didn’t allow any of that to stop them (BreakingBarriers).

On the left: This is one of our youngest stars who saw it fit to take charge of their lives. His name is Forgive Munemo. He sells sweets at school and on his way back home.

On the right: Yeukai and Tracy preparing to go into the field. They sold fatcooks and chanks.

Below the results in numbers ...

wdt_ID Group leader Number of team members Funds received Revenue made Profit made Number of people served Type of activity
1 Pauline 3 $15.00 $40.00 $25.00 108 Selling vegetables
2 Simmone 3 $15.00 $32.70 $17.70 94 Selling bread and zapnax
3 Melisah 3 $15.00 $32.50 $17.50 100 Backing scones
4 Yeukai 3 $15.00 $31.95 $16.95 95 Selling fatcooks
5 Hamilton 3 $15.00 $30.00 $15.00 84 Grass cutting
6 Priscilla 3 $15.00 $29.20 $14.20 90 Boiled eggs and zapnax
7 Chantel 3 $15.00 $28.50 $13.50 34 Selling braids
8 Lima 3 $15.00 $28.50 $13.50 90 Selling chocolates
9 Tinotenda 3 $15.00 $20.00 $5.00 20 Selling crackers
10 Beulah 3 $15.00 $19.00 $4.00 11 Selling airtime

This YES Challenge will change the mindset of many youths as they got to think out of the box, this is an eye opener to many. To those who will take this competition serious they will benefit in terms of financial breakthroughs, business establishments etc.

This report was prepared by Joice Dutuma

This YES Challenge was facilitated by Joice Dutuma

YES Challenge Facilitator & Program Development, Zimbabwe

Joice Dutuma immidiately got inspired by the Youth-led Changemaking approach as it fits into her vision of bringing positive change to her community on many levels. She has inspired well over a hundred young people to want to participate in YES Challenges and continues to facilitate promising changemaking challenges.

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